my kitchen

my kitchen is strange.  we moved in just a day before my first day of grad school and it has been severely neglected ever since. i've had so little time to cook, to bake, to clean, and these are all things i would normally love to do. 

i've tried not to be too hard on myself, not to get caught up in the need to be the absolute domestic that i sometimes feel i should be. i know there will be time for that someday, someday soon.  in the mean time, i've tried to let it be:  me, the food, my kitchen... here are some of my most recent and favourite things about this strange and imperfect place: 

the dead and crunchy flowers i accidentally spilled over the floor and left to walk on for a few days 
/ the orange and pink sponge-painted walls the previous owners left behind 
/ what i tend to think of as the "fart painting," painted by luke's cousin jaret (it worked well against the cute pink walls)
/ the collections of aprons i wear, not to cook or bake, but just for fun, if and when i do the dishes 
/ the big round clock that is stuck forever at quarter to eleven
/ the various and ever-growing spots where i keep testing gray paint colours 
/ the worlds most delicious chicken pot pie (bought from costco!)

just wondering: what is the strangest thing about your kitchen? and what do you eat when you have no time to cook?