my kitchen

my kitchen is strange.  we moved in just a day before my first day of grad school and it has been severely neglected ever since. i've had so little time to cook, to bake, to clean, and these are all things i would normally love to do. 

i've tried not to be too hard on myself, not to get caught up in the need to be the absolute domestic that i sometimes feel i should be. i know there will be time for that someday, someday soon.  in the mean time, i've tried to let it be:  me, the food, my kitchen... here are some of my most recent and favourite things about this strange and imperfect place: 

the dead and crunchy flowers i accidentally spilled over the floor and left to walk on for a few days 
/ the orange and pink sponge-painted walls the previous owners left behind 
/ what i tend to think of as the "fart painting," painted by luke's cousin jaret (it worked well against the cute pink walls)
/ the collections of aprons i wear, not to cook or bake, but just for fun, if and when i do the dishes 
/ the big round clock that is stuck forever at quarter to eleven
/ the various and ever-growing spots where i keep testing gray paint colours 
/ the worlds most delicious chicken pot pie (bought from costco!)

just wondering: what is the strangest thing about your kitchen? and what do you eat when you have no time to cook?  


three weeks

busy busy ... these are the last three weeks of school for pretty well ever.  i still have the photography studio to do (and a thesis to write!) but other than that, i'll be done my graduate coursework by the end of may.  i'm so happy to get a bit of my life back.
on another note: excited for this movie to come out.  just saw the trailer today.
also watched the trailer for le quattro volte. very curious...  


sketch three: wrapping

and the last one for today ... good night!

sketch two: homecoming

and another...

sketch one: tabby

one of a few more sketches .... this one was found by my neighbour's cat.



such a beautiful look.  i'd love to wear my hair like this, but i'm always so lost when it comes to making it look right.  just wish my sister leah were around.  she'd help me out a little.  i loved living in the same house as her, and with my mom too...  you could always find someone to curl or braid your hair for you.  luke's hairstyling skills just don't quite cut it.  : )



i liked these old photos of my mom, camping and sitting in the leaves.


creatures of comfort

cozy sweaters (i wear this one every day) 
a sleeping puppy snoring at my heels
warm warm wool blankets
bowls full of buttery popcorn
an easy high bun
long hot baths...

winter was not so bad this year.
still happy it's spring. 


i have a good friend in sunny palm springs right now ... just a little bit jealous. : )
plus, this is where my parent's in-law are at: the maya ubud in bali! unreal.

photo: ace hotel.


strings of strings

playing with yarn for somewhat of a school project...



for us living in winnipeg, spring is often more brown than green.  i try to think of it as an olive green, like brown and green all mushed together.



love this colourful kindergarden wall by slovenian design firm, arhitektura jure kotnik.

photos: Miran Kambic via dezeen 


a morning in the park

completely in love with this image from freunde von freunden.  seems to sum up everything i feel and hope for with spring.  

  also, this video will break your heart. 


up down

setting up...  taking down...

the party always goes by too fast.  i like the still and lingering moments right before and after an event, where you have the time to go slow and take it all in.

for more beautiful pictures of the shower, go here!

[ps: i feel silly posting anything today with what's going on in japan right now.  luke just forwarded me these heart-wrenching photos of the tsunami, before and after.  thought i'd share.] 

one cake two candles

eira, my darling little niece turns two tomorrow!!! can't believe it.  she came to town this weekend and we thew her a party!  


beer & pompoms

been busy decorating for a double baby shower with nikaela and jenna (two other sister-in-laws). we were first tempted to call the shower, "double shower all the way" but it's probably good we went with the classier approach in the end, ha ha. 

now off to hand in an application portfolio for a satellite photography course being offered in montreal!