goodness, i finally finished. actually had to start fresh again on friday because what i had wasn't working and so all this (including the cad) was done within the last two days. i thought i'd share since this is really all i've been up to lately .... (by the way, i can't believe that tomorrow is my first proposal to a real client! yikes.)

well, i'm completely zonked and am trying to dodge the trick or treaters because i probably look scarier than they do right now. off for a bath and then to bed! happy halloween!



in the end i went for a kelly green/ lime yellow/ chalkboard black/and floral print combo.



just i got hit with another big one. my design studio is doing a redesign for buffalo gal pictures, a film production company based here in winnipeg. we finished our concept statements on friday and found out yesterday that we have just a week to complete the project since we meet with our client on monday ... a little crazy to say the least.

but i've turned to guy maddin's film my winnipeg for inspiration since it was produced by the company. watched it a few times now, and this is one of my favourite stills.



the little specks of light you find only when you pull a blanket over your head.

junya ishigami

finally on the mend after a stressful week with 3 major deadlines and only 3 real nights of sleep. i love love love sleep and i'm so happy to have it back. i turn into this unfortunate kind of person when i go without it.

speaking of work, i found this lovely project by architect junya ishigami while doing a bit of research this weekend. it's called 'picnic'!

photos: via dezeen



hilary's recent post reminded me of this small and beautiful bedroom.
saw it a few months ago and have been searching for the leopard/ animal print wallpaper ever since.

photo: via fine little day


loving this dark hallway with lovely pops of neon!

photo: design milk via one of my favourites, wit and delight.


luke came home from the thrift store the other day with a nice leather briefcase he found for $2. he said he was excited to have one and feel like a man, going to the 9-5 with a briefcase in hand. well, today i took a peek and found out that inside are two pockets: one full of smokes and the other full of candy. yup, smokes and candy. gotta love that guy...



a photo i took a little while ago ...



it's that very strange time of year where it actually makes sense to wear a goose down filled parka with flip flops.



in awe of the work by photographic artist amira fritz.

photos: amira fritz.



completely amazed by these sculpture installations by germany-based artist, katharina trudzinski.



i loved my wedding dress, but this dress takes the cake for being the ... prettiest ... thing i've seen in a long long while. found over on once wed, the entire wedding is just as incredible.

photos: josie miner via once wed.



kelly and joanna, two of my sisters-in-law, are pregnant! they're both lovely and radiant and i was thrilled to take a few pictures of them (and their bumps!) this weekend!



have no idea how this girl got away with wearing a nighty to fashion week, but i have to say how much i love it! the asymmetrical cut and lace detailing at the bottom is something else... plus, this girl is super adorable for being more concerned with whatever's written in her notebook than with the fashion photographer that's snapping her picture. love!



lately i've been feeling a kind of stress that's been difficult to shake. i think i took on way too much this september and i'm now just starting to pay for it. so i was beyond ready to book off to the cottage for a little bit this weekend where i caught up on some work, loaded up on dream cookies, slept in till 11, drank some red with the family, dipped my feet in water and sand, watched a foreign film on the big screen, drank lots and lots of tea...

definitely a good weekend to be thankful.



ok, don't ask me how, but it happened again. and it wasn't even my idea this time. my cutie pie friend, ying (on the far right), forgot her swimsuit and had to rent one and so we all did the same so that she wouldn't feel weird. and the fancy poses just kinda happened (ha ha). well, we must have looked impressive because we were asked if we were part of the the olympic swim team! not bad for a team of interior designers ...

but i think that's all for me and the historic swimsuit.


i tend to get onto big food kicks. i'll find something that i love and love and then i lap it up until i'm completely sick of it or until something better comes along. that's me and quinoa right now. and this salad from fresh cafe is to die for. if anyone has any good quinoa salad recipes, please share!



i found this little book while touring a bookstore in calgary. it's a lovely project by photographer ami sioux. she asked people to draw a map of their favourite spot in paris and then she went back to photograph them. i love comparing the two.

i'm in the middle of taking a course called "placemaking" which is pretty much exactly what it seems. but in one of our assignments, we are asked to do the similar task of defining the narrative of a certain place/neighbourhood through mapping, poetry, photography, music, dance, etc. should be interesting and this book works as fun inspiration.