some photos from the weekend. 


we might just be eighteen again

spending the day recovering from a double birthday party.  there was a tub of red-wine sangria and trays of mojito jello shooters.  oh dear.  but we danced our hearts out and it was so worth it.

happy birthday, darlings!

photo: the selby


snow clothes

thank you rodarte.  somehow you've managed to make clothes that look both fashionable and warm. some beautiful inspiration for those of us stuck shoveling our way out the door every morning.



dreaming again

been very busy this week.  lots of it good.  will be back soon, but in the mean time, this is an image of the amazing outdoor shower at my cabin.  if i was a millionaire three times over and had to come up with my idea of a dream shower, this would still be it.

speaking of dreams and cabins, i have to mention this cool thing:  my parents are wanting to build a tiny guest cabin beside the existing one, one that would heat up quickly so that we can have an escape in the winter to read, sleep, and watch movies... well a month or so ago, i dreamt (as in a sleeping dream) about this place, and it was so great that i was bummed to wake up.  i remembered this yesterday when i was over at my mom's for dinner and so told her about the dream and drew out a quick plan for her.... which she loved!  now there's a good chance we might actually build it that way.


v+a chairs

yes yes love love ... these chairs by tomas alonso.



the other day in graduate seminar, we were asked to find a picture of something that motivated us to move forward with our thesis projects and this is the picture i found.  packing up your favourite things and person to go "somewhere" is always a good motivator for me.

it was simple, but i really liked the exercise.  it's nice to visualize of your goals in terms of images, to find that picture that helps you follow through with something you find hard or maybe impossible.  

so this is what my bed should be looking like in may 2012 .... it's gotta be.


abstract quilting

saw these beautiful quilts this morning and just about freaked out. i've been wanting to make a quilt for so long and this is exactly what i've had in mind. like an abstract painting you can sleep with.  anyway, i'd love to learn how ... aren't they stunning?

photos: fred shand for anthropologie


wanted to wait until joanna (my sister-in-law) posted a picture of her little lucy. but she just did, and so here we are! this is me and lucy cuddling. she's good at that already. : )

kelly, my other sister in law, is now due in a month... mid-february. two babies in two months! can't wait for the mayhem.


loving these subtle neutral tones.
spring, please come soon so i can wear something other than my big grey down parka ...

photos: club monaco



a little eye candy for this frigid-cold day...

in the kitchen

spent a little time in the kitchen this weekend. maple syrup english scones and some disastrous heart-shaped pancakes. seriously though, who screws up a pancake recipe? oh dear ...



it's beautiful with all the snow out there, but still, i miss summer.

photo: by nikaela, taken of us at folk fest.



got to meet my new baby niece today! she's just the prettiest thing... plus, her name is LUCY !!! so cute ! welcome to the world, little one !


in a knot

this beautiful hair style floated around the blogs a little while ago, but today i was excited to find this post on how to do it!

i'm completely useless when it comes to doing my hair. my hairstylist laughed when i told him i went onto youtube to learn how to use my new straightener. but this looks simple enough so i hope to try it out soon. : )

photo: hanneli


some photos...


nick cave but not the singer

stumbled upon this while doing some research this weekend. i love it when i get to looking up things like "man in crazy button suit" and call it homework ... haha. bizarro but incredible!

anyway, thought i'd share. happy monday!

photo: the work of nick cave from jack shainman gallery

i'm lost in paris

very intrigued by the work of french architect, francois roche. especially this blown glass and vertical fern garden installation with the lovliest name: i'm lost in paris.

photo: via arch daily.


what an incredible photo. wish i had a spread like this waiting for me every morning.

photo: sang an via seesaw


stars & spots

marion cottilard. love her and i love this outfit.
i think she looks so much like the way my mom used to look when she was in her early 30s.

photo: jezebel.


domestic architecture

love the sublte quirkiness of domestic architecture, a design firm based in seattle, wa.
they'd be so fun to work with.

photos: domestic architecture



i love new years resolutions. like really love them. i tend to go nuts and make about 50 and it's fun. but this year, i'm sticking to just one big one with a few small facets:

these are a few goals for 2011 and beyond:

clean more/ shop less. the more i clean and organize my house and things, the more i love what i already have.

cook more/ bake more. i have this cookbook and love it for spelling out food so simply. the act of slowing down to cook a good meal or to bake muffins is so very satisfying.

read more/ google less. yep. this is very necessary. especially if i plan to finish my thesis by the end of the year. yikes!

simple, i hope. good luck with yours!


on to the next one

went into the woods with a pile of friends. fourteen of us crammed into a cottage next to the big white lake. a perfect weekend and the best way to start off the new year!