back from montreal with a million and one photos to go through. 
a good problem to have...  will post more soon.   


i see

still in montreal!  
oooo, i love it here.
will be back soon.



i love these pics of people lost in thought and looking at art.
took them while luke and i visited the moma when we were in new york last february. 
i like seeing the pause and thinking about the exchange between people and what they see. 
makes me feel happy and inspired. 


* * *

hope you all had a great weekend and a good mothers day.
mine was good. full of food, sweet little babies, and a quick trip to the lake. 

but it was also a bit sad, since luke's grandpa passed away.
we are so grateful for the last few moments we got to spend with him. 
i will miss his hands.  he liked to hold yours and had the best grip in town.  



// two great photo loves of mine:
// my grandma in her kitchen.  


+ + +

cannot believe the snow out there today. the ground is covered in a blanket of white and it's so cold and windy. i'm choosing to refuse it.  it does make for a good last day for homework, but i'll take the green and the rain.