i found this video a while ago and fell in love.

i thought of it because i'm heading to calgary today and a few weeks ago, wanda found out that the city of calgary is planning to paint all the colourful play structures beige so that they don't clash with the surrounding suburban houses. gross.

so we might be sending this video and a letter to the mayor. check out more at let's colour project ...

see you in a few days!



it was the most amazing opening weekend for wanda and i made it through alive and well... the opening night on saturday took in over 3,000 people (!!!!) and yesterday's after-party at the fort gary hotel turned out perfect! many many lovely people and I ended up getting john k. sampson and christine fellows to play! plus, i didn't say the f-word during my talk (something i tend to do when i get nervous). Eeek.

too busy to get any good pics, but here's a quick photo of us in the "team wanda" uniforms!



sick.... in bed. wish i could say that i look this cute right now, but the truth is, my hair is out of control and i'm wearing the sweats i used to wear in grade 7... plus, i have a big pout on my face because i had to miss the arcade fire concert tonight. boo.

but i need to be alive for this weekend and so i must be an adult and actually take care of myself. so... the plan is to stay in bed and maybe watch a movie or two...



don't have much to say other than love love love ... the rug especially.



bless him. luke got back from chicago this evening and brought me home a few treats.
but.... the popcorn wins. it's chicago-style. from chicago.


my dear friend nikaela threw a back-to-school themed brunch this past weekend!
it was yummy and delicious and never has school looked so inviting. thanks again, my darling!



a song from an album i've been listening to a lot lately.
it's good ol' Jose Gonzales in a new side project: Junip.
and the rest of the album is just as good!



luke and i got these amazing sleeping bags for our birthdays this year and now all i want to do is go camping!
above are some pics of our campsite in radium when we were there this august.



i have an empty room upstairs that i've decided to turn into a thesis writing/ studio room. there are many good reasons behind this but the biggest one is so that i won't have to feel so smart and important writing and working away while my husband calls out things like "don't worry, ryan, i'll avenge your death," while playing "modern warfare: call of duty" in the next room over. yes. this will be a good thing. ha ha.

my plan is to paint the room an inspiring colour and layer the walls with inspiration. i'm in love love love with the picture above (wall colour, cool girl, baskets of fabric and yarn, fresh flowers, mementos and photographs, everything!) so we'll see if i come up with anything good.



Can't help but feel like a proud momma on this one.
She deserves the world.

The public opening is at the WAG on September 25th.
Please come!


3 years ago i married luke - my best friend - my love - my man.

best decision ever.



i suck at scrabble. i once played an entire game and scored a grand total of 32 points. yep. but it's not all bad. today i discovered "scrabble help" and i finally learnt how to cheat my way through. plus, i get to play against this guy and that more than makes up for it.


i have a big obsession with wallpaper.
isn't this one incredible?


i am loving paul & joe's packaging for their beauty line this season. i just wish they also sold that swan print in a wallpaper! it would feel like the young margo's zebra-lined bedroom in the royal tenenbaums.

photo: paul & joe


we finally got to try out the new boat this weekend. perfect weather and company.



I just read a fabulous feature on the Confetti System in the September issue of Martha Stewart. I am completely fascinated that these two go to work every day, only to make beautiful things that other people destroy.

I spent a few years in Brazil as a kid and so my love for glittering parties filled with smoky firecrackers and half-torn donkey pinatas comes by me honestly. Thinking back, I now wonder if the whole point behind all the many carnivals and festivals was getting into the habit of living with a kind of reckless abandon.

While I would love to have one of these, I don't know if I'd ever have the guts to wreck it.