no mosquitos

all the best of summer.
can't believe it's almost august long.
i will unfortunately be landlocked in the city this weekend but am hoping to make the most of it.

what are you up to?



hot/ cold

last night i asked my dad if he had any helpful tips on how to keep the house cool, since we don't have air conditioning. 

his response was: "walk slow."  
dads... i love it.  

other cool things for a hot day: 
// biking in the rain
// lying down on the lawn with the sprinkler going.  i'm terrible. i also made my dog lay there even though she hated it.  
// homemade black iced tea lattes.  delicious.  

be a girl

between beyonce
more beyonce,
this ted video,
and just finishing tina

i must say: it's totally awesome to be a girl right now.

photo source: sartorialist


to the nines

luke and i had a wedding on sunday, but we skipped the ceremony part to watch harry potter instead.  so fun to play hookie from life every once in a while.



victoria beach

picked up a few rolls of film from the last few weeks...  

happy weekend!  




happy for this. a cut out print by mrYEN.


photo: mrYEN


a w a y

must pack up my home and leave for the summer. 
we had some water damage in our house this past winter and are now having most of it gutted and restored.  it's all good news for the house,  but i'm sad to depart with my home, especially the weirdo seventies wallpaper and the cracked plaster walls ... will be different coming back when everything is shiny and new.  


parks & pals

i like the looks of this tote.  
seems to sum up my summer entirely.  


photo: found via refinery 29



going to the cabin with my family for the four day long weekend!
happy to have absolutely no agenda; just reading, some sketching, bike rides through the woods and to the bakery, night swimming and watching silly blockbuster movies projected on the white screen. yippee!

i hope you also have a warm and relaxing one!


photo: closet visit