a grand distraction

yep.  definitely needing this advice today.  just can't seem to find a way to get the day started ... and it's noon already.   i have two days a week (monday and friday) relatively free to do writing/ design/ art work.  but in the end i usually end up puttering around all day, not really getting anything done.  for example, today i spent an hour or so  shaving my living room sofa.  yes, it tends to get pilly, but no, that did not need to happen today (or ever really, ha ha).

it's almost like i need to go somewhere, get dressed and out the door early each morning in order to kick start things. so my goal in the next little while is to develop a new morning routine for these "work" days.  something random and new, but something that i'll fall in love with and actually want to stick to.  perhaps it's tall grass prairie chocolate croissant and black tea at the forks every morning at 8:30.  or maybe an early quick trip to the gym for a run.  don't quite know yet.  

what do you do to kick start your day?  

print: elise joy via seesaw