rocco baby

my first little nephew was born on thursday!  { rocco jett harris } is his name.  he's amazing ... so cute and such a boy already!  i promise to post pictures soon.

{ in the mean time, these lovely photos from lena corwin's wee textiles }


fresh ink

my good friend katrina just picked up a pen the other day and drew this!  it's an illustration of me and i can't get over how good she is for not having any experience. it's so detailed, she even got my big eyebrows in there, haha (she tells me she loves a big brow). i'm so excited to see what else she'll draw...  good work, k! 

good morning

my new breakfast of choice: blueberries in ice-cold milk.  delicious!

lofty dreams

after house-sitting in a studio for a week, i've started to think how much i'd like to live in a loft someday { and isn't this one beautiful? } i imagine that the best thing about living in a space like this is that you can edit your material life down to only the most meaningful essentials.  i try to do this now, but it's hard when it feels like you have all the space in the world.  


on the lighter side

just a quick pic of the new hair.  tips aren't quite as blonde as i was planning, but i think that's good for now... i'm happy to finally move away from the floppy and disheveled grad student bun... the one that's wispy in all the wrong places?  i've been sporting that look a bit too much lately.  : )


some photos from the weekend...


on the edge of experience

just got back from ottawa for the opening of wanda's show at the national gallery.  it went incredibly well and i'm still completely awestruck ... you can read about it here or here if you'd like. she's now onto toronto for the release of this beautiful film.  gorgeous!   

image: wanda koop

going ombré

getting my hair done tomorrow ((way way way overdue!)) 
and i'm going ombré! so excited to see how it will turn out.  

day of hearts

photos from last year.  spent valentine's day in new york city with two of my favourites: luke and the magnetic fields!  so fun.  happy valentines day, everyone! 



some photos of the week...

ps - thank you nik for the most darling valentines day brunch!


four little four-legged

clearing out of my home to pet sit for the week ...  wanda left today to install her show at the national gallery and luke and i get to look after all the animals.  i'll be joining wanda for the opening next thursday and i seriously can't wait to see it!


le commonwealth

luke recently started a blog along with a few of his friends.  he and i have watched the first few episodes of portlandia (super funny!) and he posted this skit.  put a bird on it!


watching people

i keep watching this video over and over.... i think i've seen it about 10 times already.  if you haven't, it's a little documentary about the man behind the sartorialist ...  our 21st century flaneur.  i loved hearing his take on the process of looking and its function in our digital age, where everything is quick and hyper-connected.

i also keep thinking about his comment on fashioning his blog as if it were a "global park bench" ... and for me, this rings true.  looking at his blog and others like it makes me feel giddy, like i've hopped on a plane and have arrived somewhere....  it's not as much about fashion as it is about character and conveying the sense of place.  he does this so well and i'm happy to hear that he'll be doing this for the next 30 to 40 years.

photos & video: the sartorialist


big thaw

been busy busy busy writing today.  finished one big paper this afternoon and now onto the first chapter of my thesis (due on monday!).   i'm terrible at taking breaks when i need to but today i went outside for an hour-long walk.  spring came, and for just the day...  couldn't miss it.


garbage again

my puppy and i are having a bit of a fight.   : (

over the hill

just thought i'd mention: we made it through january!!! january is normally my least favourite month - cold, dark, and rather depressing.  but i've always liked february.  so today is a good day.

photos: cherry blossom girl above & 3191 below.