j e r u s a l e m

can't believe it. 
my mom is taking me with her on her travels this fall.
two trips, entirely different. both incredible, once in a lifetime experiences.

she's going for work and is taking me so i can do research.

this is the trip we're doing in september:  
tel aviv // jerusalem // amsterdam

i'm over the moon! 


* * *

// some wanderings through montreal.
// my winnipeg in paris


olive meets rocco

kelly asked me to take some baby pictures of rocco the other day.  he's too sweet!  
i especially love this sequence of him and their dog, olive. 


all picnics and babies

finally home after a week in vancouver to meet little luella
and also to look after my sweet niece while my brother and sister-in-law had their second baby. his name is nigel and he's a darling too.



bricolage no. 1

just picked up my last few roles of film from montreal.  our photos had to be centred around a concept.  i chose collage (or bricolage) and looked for objects - found, displayed, collected, discarded - that spoke to the diverse fabric of the city.