i unpeel ---

wrapped up.
hidden/ exposed.
can you see me?

(a small film i made to carry on with this project.)


i really like this image.  
just makes me happy.

other things i'm happy about: 
// putting the last and finishing touches on my final term project
// this book, this book, and this book (basically rediscovering books that have nothing to do with school!) 
// it's sunny and warm outside 
// i'm feeling better and can (almost) taste food again!  
// fresh guacamole for lunch

happy wednesday to you!

photo: inge morath and saul steinberg via camara democratica 


◊ ◊ ◊

on the sixth day and still sick with the cold-flu.
so much to see, too much to do.  the week was so busy that this is the first day i'm letting myself rest up.  in bed with five episodes of ellen and a pint of my favourite liberté lemon yogurt. hoping it helps...



some pictures of our final product...



caught this moment.  happy i did. 
fleeting, disappearing string.   
i wish there was a big pause button somewhere. 
at the same time, i like to move on.  



monday | food with family
tuesday | make more art
wednesday | see old friends
thursday | school design show 
friday | lazy good 
saturday | a beautiful film 

looking forward to the week ahead. 

ps.  in awe...



definitely the most random thing i did today. another "sketch" for my conceptual art class. i call all these things "sketches" because they are made quickly, and i'm just trying to see what works and what doesn't.  my mom travels the world and wherever she goes, she brings me back a scarf (from india, palestine, paris, indonesia, kenya ...). i wrapped myself in all of them and walked around my neighbourhood.


in my thesis, i'm looking at refugees and am studying theories about the nomadic subject. movement, ownership and belonging are some of the things i'm interested in.  


this is one of my most favourite stories: my dad once told me about a woman he met on the plane while he was flying back from ethiopia.  she was leaving her home with all of her kids to start a new life in canada. her only luggage was this one huge garbage bag, but the flight attendant was giving her a hard time because she thought it was taking too much space away from the other passengers. the woman started to panic because she was worried they would take her bag away and she said she had packed everything she needed to start a life for her kids in a new country. she opened up the bag to explain, and my dad saw that all she had inside were bottles of water and bread.  in all the unknown about where she was going, her only thought was to make sure her kids had food.  i like to think of this story. i find it very humbling.  



the most full weekend.  some highlights:

/ stringing, threading, stringing, threading ... 
/ a lovely sunday brunch with wanda 
/ over 36 hours at school with the id girls... 
/ trying these yummy sticky buns for the first time
/ fresh papaya bubble tea breaks
/ a scary 6 hour time-out in emergency since ying sprained her back. it was also her birthday so we made it a party with stacks of magazines, lemon poppy seed cake, lots of laughing, kit-kats, and an old favourite... 
/ recruiting two sweet kids, hella and jacob to test out our "fort" (their parent's teach at school and had to be there all weekend.)
/ a baby!!!!  


knots & twine

thanks for all your kind and inspiring comments about my project!  your enthusiasm makes me even  more excited about it, so thanks ... 

these are just a few pictures of my friend ying tying knots. i thought her hands and the knotting looked beautiful together.  

the stringing went great except we ran into one (big) hiccup.  after threading a bit, we recalculated and we don't have enough hemp cord.  i estimated 5,000 ft. and bought 10,000 just to be safe.  we now need double that.  might anyone have a suggestion for a place to get hemp twine? we need lots and in the colour white.  i think i may also try to find household or fishing twine, but if you have any other suggestions, i'd love to hear.



a few pictures of what's been keeping me busy these days ... we're creating a cocoon-like enclosure for stressed-out architecture students to enter to do yoga or just sit and take a break (the form was based off of these yoga poses, by the way) ... we now have the "bones" ready and tomorrow we start stringing.  see all the tiny little holes?  i bought 10,000 feet worth of white hemp cord which we'll be weaving-in, connecting one plexiglass frame to the next until we form the surface.  very exciting!  i'll make sure to post pictures of the finished project when it's done.  


petit petit

got to spend another evening with these two darlings.  they both love staring at my eyebrows... it's so cute.  i'm just happy to have them look at me!  

also - worked in the woodshop all day.  counted 7 slivers but it turns out that i like this kind of thing... building and working with wood.  can't wait to show you what i've been up to!



inside/ outside
in but i want out.