writing and writing.  will soon have thesis 1/3 done!
then going to nyc to celebrate luke's 30th for the weekend.
couldn't be more excited.


bits & pieces

one more from jerusalem.


what you eat

// on our trip we fell back in love with mcdonald's and the ikea cafeteria (free breakfasts!).  unexpected but awesome.


all at once

// from a few days ago, an afternoon spent in the hague with my aunt.
// today, in winnipeg, the wind beat down what was left of the leaves.  
// tomorrow, off to minneapolis, with luke this time, and friends.

// happy thanksgiving!  



i stayed with my uncle and aunt while i was in the netherlands.  my aunt is a painter and i loved the feeling in her studio.



happy weekend!

in phoenix with mamas and babies.
will be home again tomorrow and then off to minneapolis next weekend.

what a nutty fall i'm having.  just wish i had a home to come back to in-between.
starting to get used to life without one.