have been busy. i have a final presentation to our client tomorrow and i'm so very happy to be done! 7 long days and nights with little little sleep. you know you're in trouble when you see the clock at 4 and wonder if its am or pm. believe me, it happens.

but thought i'd share a little piece of the project. myself and two others are designing a workspace that will be shared between two companies, a film production studio, and a local special effects company (they did avatar by the way). our concept is based around an interactive wall system that separates, but also encourages collaboration between the two companies.

it was a group project, but the design of this wall system wall was where i spent a large part of my time and i'm pretty happy with it... there are bits and pieces - doors, tables, writing surfaces - that pivot and come down from the walls to accommodate spaces of rest and interaction.

now, off to bed!