the list

i find christmas more than tad-bit overwhelming. i love being with family and friends, and i love filling my plate up with grandmas pistachio jello salad and my dad's apple stuffing. love the white lights and the smell of the christmas tree in the morning. and i love to give - giving gifts usually ends up being what i love most.

but to get there, you have to go through the shopping part, and to be honest, i'm not a fan. i will try to go to the mall, but after being there for about 8 or so minutes, i start to panic and end up running back out to the car with zip. shopping online would normally work like a charm, but with grand shipping fees and strict timing issues, it's not all that practical for christmas.

so this year, i'll be taking a note from my good friend, stephanie, who is doing all of her shopping at thrift and fair-trade shops. i'll add other local boutique shopping to the mix, but my goal for this year is not to step foot in a single mall or big box store. and if either of those don't work, then i'll have to find the time to make something... a few of you lovelies make most of your gifts and i love and admire that.

this lovely store just opened up on broadway and i think it will be my first stop. but i'm wondering, if you must shop for christmas, where do you go?

photo: lune