long live family

my one-year-old niece, Eira, getting in the way of a good game of crokinole.

my wild (and perhaps favourite) little cousin Toya

my sister-in-law - Stacy - has the most contagious smile

toko spent the whole weekend with her video camera

the konagaya-peters girls

toya again

mom and eira

i love the look on toya's face after toko took out one of her pieces. absolutely priceless.

all the cousins.

my peters family is amazing. we only get to see each other once every 4 years because we live across the world from each other (canada, japan, the netherlands, france, and ireland to name a few). but we always have the most fabulous time. i love love love them all.

and i have so much more that i can't wait to show you!