i am in the middle of working on my masters in interior design and a big part of this program involves completing a major design thesis. i don't want to get into detail right now, so to keep things short and basic - i'll just explain that i've chosen to focus my design project on a transitional home for refugees, specifically women refugees as well as their kids.

every day i find countless inspiration for this project and i'd love to share some of it on here. but then i started thinking that it might work even better if i were to dedicate an entire blog to this project, so that i can share it with my advisors/ professors/ or any one else who'd be interested...

above is a little taste of the kind of things i'll be posting at the new blog (which should be up shortly). It portrays the work and studio of designer, Lauren Mannogian. Her work resonates with me because she so carefully portrays a kind of global aesthetic without being to literal about it - something i hope to do as well.