definitely the most random thing i did today. another "sketch" for my conceptual art class. i call all these things "sketches" because they are made quickly, and i'm just trying to see what works and what doesn't.  my mom travels the world and wherever she goes, she brings me back a scarf (from india, palestine, paris, indonesia, kenya ...). i wrapped myself in all of them and walked around my neighbourhood.


in my thesis, i'm looking at refugees and am studying theories about the nomadic subject. movement, ownership and belonging are some of the things i'm interested in.  


this is one of my most favourite stories: my dad once told me about a woman he met on the plane while he was flying back from ethiopia.  she was leaving her home with all of her kids to start a new life in canada. her only luggage was this one huge garbage bag, but the flight attendant was giving her a hard time because she thought it was taking too much space away from the other passengers. the woman started to panic because she was worried they would take her bag away and she said she had packed everything she needed to start a life for her kids in a new country. she opened up the bag to explain, and my dad saw that all she had inside were bottles of water and bread.  in all the unknown about where she was going, her only thought was to make sure her kids had food.  i like to think of this story. i find it very humbling.