watching people

i keep watching this video over and over.... i think i've seen it about 10 times already.  if you haven't, it's a little documentary about the man behind the sartorialist ...  our 21st century flaneur.  i loved hearing his take on the process of looking and its function in our digital age, where everything is quick and hyper-connected.

i also keep thinking about his comment on fashioning his blog as if it were a "global park bench" ... and for me, this rings true.  looking at his blog and others like it makes me feel giddy, like i've hopped on a plane and have arrived somewhere....  it's not as much about fashion as it is about character and conveying the sense of place.  he does this so well and i'm happy to hear that he'll be doing this for the next 30 to 40 years.

photos & video: the sartorialist