dreaming again

been very busy this week.  lots of it good.  will be back soon, but in the mean time, this is an image of the amazing outdoor shower at my cabin.  if i was a millionaire three times over and had to come up with my idea of a dream shower, this would still be it.

speaking of dreams and cabins, i have to mention this cool thing:  my parents are wanting to build a tiny guest cabin beside the existing one, one that would heat up quickly so that we can have an escape in the winter to read, sleep, and watch movies... well a month or so ago, i dreamt (as in a sleeping dream) about this place, and it was so great that i was bummed to wake up.  i remembered this yesterday when i was over at my mom's for dinner and so told her about the dream and drew out a quick plan for her.... which she loved!  now there's a good chance we might actually build it that way.